hosting & pricing

Basalt, Camden


hosting & pricing

Basalt, Camden

Offset the cost of true peace of mind, with a Guardian who appreciates the quietness of your home.

As well as enjoying living with animals, many of our Guardians are professionals who value extra quiet space in which to work and focus. By building relationships between considerate Hosts and Guardians whose circumstances and requirements are well-matched, we can arrange the very best kind of care for your cats, in the most cost-effective way.

flexible bookings

Flexible cancellation & alteration.

From £75/day

mutually-beneficial bookings

Let your home to your Guardian.

From £25/day + Deposit

However you book, you’ll receive the same service.

Your Guardian will:

  • Book out his/her personal & professional diaries according to yours;

  • Move to your house, and live out of a suitcase or two;

  • Look after your cats and home.

We at City Cat will:

  • Introduce you to Guardians we think you'll find suitable, and share with you their Profiles and entire Track Records;

  • Tailor straightforward contracts between the parties, and arrange specialist hosting insurance;

  • Assign back-up responsibilities for your cat-sit to a City Cat team member, who will lock down their diary accordingly.


Mutually-Beneficial: Letting your to your Guardian

We are often able to realise the value of a stay in your home for the right Guardian, booked in good time, and hosted by you to the standard of a normal short-term letting. So they only need to be paid a much-reduced rate, indeed sometimes nothing at all.

What is the value of the stay?

The value of the stay is the advantage to the Guardian of being in your home instead of their own (i.e. the difference in value between the two, from their perspective), minus the work of moving in and out (which is less important the longer the stay). This advantage normally takes the form of location, extra space, or peace-and-quiet. It is reduced somewhat by the facts of the Guardian living without access to most of their personal and professional possessions, left back at home; and that you, not your Guardian, choose the dates.


back-up & insurance

Moonlight, West Hampstead

back-up & insurance

Moonlight, West Hampstead

Back-up from Us

Each time you book, your Guardian commits to your cat-sit with a signed contract. In addition, your cat-sit is assigned to a City Cat team-member as back-up. In the extremely unlikely event that something should happen to your Guardian before or during your catsit (e.g. hospitalisation), we'll step in and make sure your cats and house are well. The safety of your cats is of paramount importance to us.


Specialised Insurance

Hosting, as with all short-term letting in general, has its insurance implications, which your existing home insurance policy may well not cover. So, we work with a specialist insurer (backed by a large insurer) who designs policies to fit with Hosts’ existing home insurance. We insure every City Cat catsit in this way, and cover the cost.

What is covered?

In particular, you will be covered for public liability, in case your Guardian should suffer an accident at your home. Your household contents will also be covered while you host, providing that you already have normal contents cover. We discuss insurance when you come to book, but should you have any questions in advance, do call, and we’d be most happy to discuss the details.

I must admit, that at first I was very hesitant about leaving Hermes for an extended period of time to a person he has not met before. I have never done that before, not by choice but circumstances. When I met ________ for the first time, it was an instant peace of mind. His professionalism was very obvious and I had that gut feeling that he could handle anything. I was not wrong about it. He is caring, reliable and pro when it comes to keeping you up to date regarding all relevant issues relating to your pet or house.

I feel ________ truly cares about animals and is genuinely concerned about their well-being.
— Strategist, Finance & Control, Statoil